Silke Picture

Silke Pflueger needs our support in her campaign for California State Senate from District 1.

She is running in a special election primary on March 26.

The seat became open when incumbent Ted Gaines was elected to the Board of Equalization last November.

There will be a special election on March 26 with ballots being mailed February 27. The top two vote getters will be on the ballot for the June 4 Special General Election so it is critical that Silke be one of the top two.

About Silke

Silke is a co-founder and co-chair of Tahoe Truckee Indivisible.

Her priorities include:

  • Affordable and Accessible Healthcare for all Californians, including those in Rural Areas
  • Fire Resiliency and Preparation
    Timely Consumer Protection after disasters
  • Climate Change measures that protect our farming communities and winter tourism economy
  • Affordable Housing

Learn more about Silke on her website. 

Her Opponent

Her opponent is "State of Jefferson" advocate Steven Baird. He has re-registered as a Democrat to pull votes away from our side. He is now running in the primary as a Democrat -- against Silke!

In 2016, Baird ran for this seat as a Republican. In this interview he states that his goal is to submit a bill in the California Senate to create the State of Jefferson:

Watch his video on the State of Jefferson YouTube channel

We need to let the public know who the real Democrat is in this race . We must to do everything we can to get her into the general election.

Meet Silke at our February Lincoln Democratic Club Meeting.