Membership in the Democratic Club of Lincoln has more than doubled in the months since the November 2016 election.   Members - returning and new - have been moved to action to support our Democratic values and to resist the assault on healthcare, women's issues, the environment, the judiciary, immigrants and minorities, and tax breaks for the wealthiest among us.

The Political Action Team was formed by members who are not satisfied simply reading and talking about the latest outrage.  We take action in the form of participating in marches and rallies, attending Town Halls, writing to legislators and the press, and other forms of political engagement.

We encourage you to join us on one of our Political Action Team's subcommittees: Communication, Events, Research, Outreach, Phone Bank and Fund Raising.  We are committed to action and know that we are stronger together!

We helped win the 2020 election!

Contact Us to join our Political Action Team.