Jessica Morse Update


Governor Gavin Newsom appointed Morse Deputy Secretary of Forest Resources Management at the California Natural Resources Agency, the governor’s office announced last week.

According to the agency’s organizational chart, Morse will report to Secretary for Natural Resources Wade Crowfoot.

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Special Election Results State Senate District One 

Some provisional ballots are yet to be counted, but as of today the top two vote getters are Brian Dahle (R) 28.7% and Kevin Kiley (R) 28.5%.

Silke Pflueguer (D) came in third with 25.8%. Silke came in second in Placer County, but was third overall in the district. So there will be no Democrat on the June 4 State Senate general election.

However, if Kevin Kiley wins in June, there will be a Special Election in August to fill his Assembly seat. If that happens, Jackie Smith will be our Democratic candidate and she is in a very good position to win that seat. Stay tuned!

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